Правильное зеркало гидры ramp ssylka onion com


Уважаемые пользователи RuTOR , Все сайты из нашего списка проверены и находятся онлайн, их нет в скам листах. Остерегайтесь фишинг сайтов и помните об уголовной ответственности за незаконные сделки. Подборка официальных сайтов по продаже веществ от форума Rutor носит исключительно информативный характер.


Эта площадка существует довольно давно и в этот период она медленно развивалась в тени гидры. В настоящее время это ведущий сайт по продаже веществ в даркнете.



Благодаря хорошей подготовке и листингу на зарубежных сайтах площадка смогла составить конкуренцию в стабильности и доступности, чего не смогли ее конкуренты, но все же она уступает по полпулярности площадке OMG!OMG!


3. HYDRA - Возрождение легенды.

Идут работы по восстановлению всеми любимой гидры, но все не так просто как казалось ранее, совсем скоро она будет доступна, а сейчас нам остается только ждать релиза от команды HYDRA.


RUTOR — Главная торговая и информационная площадка в сети Tor.



Правильное зеркало гидры ramp ssylka onion com
Fine desserts ♥ quality ingredients ♥ Vancouver’s top independent cake shop ♥ Open 7 days a week! April Update***We are extending our store hours for Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm starting from May 5th***Our regular days and hours of operation are: Mon to Sun : 9am to 6pm Thank you for your patience; we hopefully will be back to normal operations soon! CAKE ORDERS * Limited cakes are available for order. Please pre-order only via email or phone call *by at onion least noon the day prior to pick-up*. We will have some cakes available for walk-in as well. Please note: As we are not answering the phone on a regular basis due to reduced staff levels, we are asking that you please email us at [email protected] for orders and any questions. The order email should include the following: Subject Line: CAKE ORDERNameContact NumberOrder details including type of cake, size of cake, and any personal inscription instructions (ex. Happy Birthday Ben, Congratulations Tina, etc)Date and Time of Pick-up Please wait for a response email to show confirmation of the order and any questions. Available Cakes ***some of them may be out of stock temporary without notice*** Triple Chocolate Mousse (6″, 8″, Individual)Cheesecakes (6″, 8″, slice):MangoNew York with Raspberry sauce Flans (7″, 9″, slice):Lemon Orange Flan with BlueberryLime Raspberry FlanPassion Fruit Flan Tiramisu (6″,8″, Individual)White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse (6″,8″, Individual )Peanut Butter Mousse (6″, 8″, Individual)Lemon Mousse Cake (6″, 8″, Individual)Chocolate Hazelnut Zuccotto (7″, 9″, Individual),Dulce De Leche (6″, 12″, slice)Neopolitan Cake (6″, 8″)Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream (6″, 8″, slice)Hedgehog (6″, 8″, slice)St. Honore (6″, 12″, Individual)Mocha Torte (6″, 8″)Carrot Cake (6″, 8″, slice)Toffee Cake (6″, 8″)Coconut Chiffon (6″, 12″, slice) ****Now comes as a log shape******Chocolate Obsession (6″, 12″, slice)Ganache Cake(6″, 8″)***7 days advance notice necessary, decoration has been changed(Large shaving chocolate on the side***Pecan Cranberry Tart (7″,9″)***Larger cakes would be available depending on cakes and need to be paid in full to confirm, please call us for more assistance***We’re really excited to be back. See you soon!The Sweet Obsession Team


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Правильное зеркало гидры ramp ssylka onion com


It was 1975.  Stevie Nicks had joined the rock group Fleetwood Mac, singing Landslide, while Glen Campbell debuted his number one hit Rhinestone Cowboy. Game show Wheel of Fortune premiered, and so did Saturday Night Live.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Ali beat Frazier at the Thrilla in Manila. The Steelers won their first Super Bowl and Tom Watson won the British Open Golf Tournament on his first try.Something else very big was on the horizon that year.  As a twenty-five year old I had been living in Vail, Colorado for the four years since I had left the Army. Basically I was a ski enthusiast, otherwise known as a ski bum.  I was also a pool hustler, carpenter and roofing business owner.  I had put my Medal of Honor in a shoe box in the closet after receiving it, where it stayed for almost twenty years, but that’s another story.That spring, the spring of ‘75, I looked around and realized those with whom I partied and ran were stuck.  I mean, going no-where fast.  I wanted a different life for myself and I knew I would have to leave those friends behind to make a dramatic change.I wanted to go to college. Since my high school days, “they” always told me I wasn’t college material.  College would be my new quest.  I was going to challenge myself and, at the same time, little did “they” know, I was going to prove “them” wrong.For two months, on my own, I traveled Colorado in my ‘56 Chevy Impala, visiting college campuses and critiquing them along the way.  I talked to no one that represented the schools; I just wanted to get a feel for the universities. When I visited Colorado State University in Fort Collins I knew that would be where I would receive my degree.When I got back to Vail I sold and rid myself of all my possessions, including my car. I just packed up and left everything behind, friends included. I hitchhiked to Fort Collins and found a cheap, seedy men’s hotel on the north end of town that catered to the transient, where one community bathroom served twenty rooms. I lived there for two weeks until I could find an apartment.I needed a job fast, because all the money I had was being saved for college tuition and books.  After checking in to the hotel I walked across the street to the Northern Hotel, one of the most popular restaurants and clubs in town.  I asked the manager if he had an opening for a bouncer or waiter.  His response was NO, but a dish washing job was available.  I said, “I’ll take it!”  No job was beneath the recipient of our nation’s highest award because I was on a mission. Two weeks later a position opened as a bouncer, and I had also acquired a carpentry job.  Good-bye, dishwasher.Colorado State University, 1975My intention was to enroll in the fall semester.  It was now July and time to visit the Admissions Office at Colorado State, introduce myself, register, and sign up for classes.  When I introduced myself to the admissions director I told him how I had traveled to many of the colleges in the state and had chosen CSU as my top college. He was excited for me because I was so enthusiastic. Then he said he would like a copy of my transcripts.  Transcripts?  What’s a transcript? He explained it was my high school report card. Well, why didn’t he just say that?I sent in a request for the transcripts, which my high school mailed to CSU.  They called me in for a meeting after receiving the records.  I was excited because I was sure they were about to enroll me. Instead they told me I wasn’t college material. Don’t hold me to this, but I believe my GPA in high school was a 1.92, or maybe lower, but probably not higher.  I stood my ground, explaining that out of all the colleges available to me I had chosen CSU, was mature, had worldly experience, and was a veteran and a previous business owner.  Certainly they could make an exception based on that alone. NO!Not being deterred and after thinking about it for a couple of weeks I decided to take a different approach.  I told the admissions officer I was making my way over to see A.R. Chamberlin, who was the president of the university.  I asked to see the president to introduce myself and defend my case.  During our brief chat I was insistent, explaining that out of all the colleges available to me in Colorado I had chosen CSU, and I reiterated my previous relevant experience.  Certainly they could make an exception. NO! I was not college material.My military experience taught me how to prevail, so my next step was to write a letter to the executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.  Burning up weeks waiting for their response, I called them. They said they couldn’t help me.  Another NO.  Another not college material.The fall semester had already begun, but I refused to be discouraged. Next, I decided to write to then Colorado Governor John Vanderhoof to introduce myself and my quest. I explained my background and asked him if he could use his influence to have CSU make an exception. I waited and waited.  NO response.It was now well into the fall. I headed back to admissions, requesting to attend CSU in January, explaining that I was ready for college and that they should make an exception. Again NO was the answer.  So I became a fixture at the admissions office.  I called or visited the office every week or so for the next seven months.  Finally, during a visit in May 1976, almost one year later, they threw up their hands as I walked through the door.  “Fine,” they said.  “We’ll let you attend this fall on two conditions.  First, you must take two classes this summer; second, you must pass them with a ‛C.’”June 6, 1976, the day I quit smoking, was my first day of class at Colorado State University.  I arrived at the class early; no one was there.  I went to the front of the classroom, slid into a desk, rested my hands on top, smiled and said out loud, “I’m IN.”Pete Lemon, 1976That summer I took three classes and passed them with a “B” average. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Communication in only three and a half years.  Not four, not five, not six, but three and a half years while still working.  I went on to complete my Master of Business Administration in one and a quarter years.Ironically, three decades after I graduated from Colorado State University the school invited me back to bestow the award Professor-in-Residence at the Monfort School of Excellence.  When honoring me, a Colorado State University spokesperson said, “Mr.  Lemon today is a dynamic public speaker who moves audiences with his messages about patriotism, self-reliance, persistence, sacrifice, selflessness and courage.”Not college material?  I think not.  Now, I don’t want to tell “them” that I told them so, but I did: by example.  Persistence is the Key.Join me as I start from the beginning…


Нет в наличии В КАТАЛОГ В КАТАЛОГКОД ТОВАРА: 00005112Жидкость Zenith SALT omg (Зэнитх САЛТ Хидра)
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" ["DETAIL_TEXT_TYPE"]=> string(4) "html" ["PREVIEW_TEXT"]=> string(77) "Жидкость Zenith SALT omg (Зэнитх САЛТ Хидра)" ["PREVIEW_TEXT_TYPE"]=> string(4) "text" } ["BASKET"]=> array(5) { ["QUANTITY"]=> string(8) "quantity" ["BASKET_URL"]=> string(17) "/personal/basket/" ["SKU_PROPS"]=> string(84) "YToyOntpOjA7czo3OiJPQkVNX01MIjtpOjE7czoyNToiU09ERVJaSEFOSUVfTklLT1RJTkFfTUdfRyI7fQ==" ["ADD_URL_TEMPLATE"]=> string(72) "/catalog/zhidkosti/zhidkost_zenith_salt_omg/?action=ADD2BASKET&id=#ID#" ["BUY_URL_TEMPLATE"]=> string(65) "/catalog/zhidkosti/zhidkost_zenith_salt_omg/?action=BUY&id=#ID#" } ["OFFERS"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(31) { ["ID"]=> int(2670) ["CODE"]=> NULL ["NAME"]=> NULL ["TREE"]=> array(2) { ["PROP_93"]=> int(1798) ["PROP_94"]=> int(1853) } ["DISPLAY_PROPERTIES"]=> string(0) "" ["PREVIEW_TEXT"]=> NULL ["PREVIEW_TEXT_TYPE"]=> NULL ["DETAIL_TEXT"]=> NULL ["DETAIL_TEXT_TYPE"]=> NULL ["ITEM_PRICE_MODE"]=> string(1) "S" ["ITEM_PRICES"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(23) { ["UNROUND_BASE_PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["UNROUND_PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["BASE_PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["ID"]=> string(4) "1302" ["PRICE_TYPE_ID"]=> string(1) "1" ["CURRENCY"]=> string(3) "RUB" ["DISCOUNT"]=> int(0) ["PERCENT"]=> int(0) ["QUANTITY_FROM"]=> NULL ["QUANTITY_TO"]=> NULL ["QUANTITY_HASH"]=> string(8) "ZERO-INF" ["MEASURE_RATIO_ID"]=> NULL ["PRINT_BASE_PRICE"]=> string(31) "1 050 " ["RATIO_BASE_PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["PRINT_RATIO_BASE_PRICE"]=> string(31) "1 050 " ["PRINT_PRICE"]=> string(31) "1 050 " ["RATIO_PRICE"]=> float(1050) ["PRINT_RATIO_PRICE"]=> string(31) "1 050 " ["PRINT_DISCOUNT"]=> string(27) "0 " ["RATIO_DISCOUNT"]=> int(0) ["PRINT_RATIO_DISCOUNT"]=> string(27) "0 " ["MIN_QUANTITY"]=> int(1) } } ["ITEM_PRICE_SELECTED"]=> int(0) ["ITEM_QUANTITY_RANGES"]=> array(1) { ["ZERO-INF"]=> array(5) { ["HASH"]=> string(8) "ZERO-INF" ["QUANTITY_FROM"]=> NULL ["QUANTITY_TO"]=> NULL ["SORT_FROM"]=> int(0) ["SORT_TO"]=> float(INF) } } ["ITEM_QUANTITY_RANGE_SELECTED"]=> string(8) "ZERO-INF" ["ITEM_MEASURE_RATIOS"]=> array(1) { [2624]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(2624) ["RATIO"]=> int(1) ["IS_DEFAULT"]=> string(1) "Y" ["PRODUCT_ID"]=> string(4) "2670" } } ["ITEM_MEASURE_RATIO_SELECTED"]=> int(2624) ["PREVIEW_PICTURE"]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(136562) ["SRC"]=> string(55) "/upload/iblock/5d9/ad1xky72cehqpdhizv7k3ycujh1rpj1n.jpg" ["WIDTH"]=> int(700) ["HEIGHT"]=> int(700) } ["DETAIL_PICTURE"]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(136562) ["SRC"]=> string(55) "/upload/iblock/5d9/ad1xky72cehqpdhizv7k3ycujh1rpj1n.jpg" ["WIDTH"]=> int(700) ["HEIGHT"]=> int(700) } ["CHECK_QUANTITY"]=> bool(true) ["MAX_QUANTITY"]=> NULL ["STEP_QUANTITY"]=> int(1) ["QUANTITY_FLOAT"]=> bool(false) ["MEASURE"]=> string(4) "шт" ["OFFER_GROUP"]=> bool(false) ["CAN_BUY"]=> bool(true) ["CATALOG_SUBSCRIBE"]=> string(1) "Y" ["SLIDER"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(136562) ["SRC"]=> string(55) "/upload/iblock/5d9/ad1xky72cehqpdhizv7k3ycujh1rpj1n.jpg" ["WIDTH"]=> int(700) ["HEIGHT"]=> int(700) } } ["SLIDER_COUNT"]=> int(1) ["DISPLAY_PROPERTIES_MAIN_BLOCK"]=> string(0) "" ["PRICE_RANGES_RATIO_HTML"]=> string(0) "" ["PRICE_RANGES_HTML"]=> string(0) "" } } ["OFFER_SELECTED"]=> bool(false) ["TREE_PROPS"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(93) ["SHOW_MODE"]=> string(4) "TEXT" ["VALUES"]=> array(2) { [1798]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(1798) ["NAME"]=> string(2) "30" ["SORT"]=> int(1500) ["PICT"]=> bool(false) } [0]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(0) ["SORT"]=> int(9223372036854775807) ["NA"]=> bool(true) ["NAME"]=> string(1) "-" ["PICT"]=> bool(false) } } ["VALUES_COUNT"]=> int(2) } [1]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(94) ["SHOW_MODE"]=> string(4) "TEXT" ["VALUES"]=> array(2) { [1853]=> array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(1853) ["NAME"]=> string(2) "20" ["SORT"]=> int(3000) ["PICT"]=> bool(false) } [0]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(0) ["SORT"]=> int(9223372036854775807) ["NA"]=> bool(true) ["NAME"]=> string(1) "-" ["PICT"]=> bool(false) } } ["VALUES_COUNT"]=> int(2) } }}Мы постараемся ответить Вам максимально быстроКупить в 1 кликНажимая на кнопку «Оформить заказ», вы даете согласие на обработку своих персональных данныхОтзывы наших клиентовНаписать отзывПока никто не написал отзывовВаша оценка товара Нажимая на кнопку «Отправить отзыв», вы даете согласие на обработку своих персональных данных.Отзыв появится после проверки модераторомМы постараемся ответить Вам максимально быстро


What is omg:omg is a classic, fast network logon cracker that was created by Van Hauser. It is commonly used as a network logon cracker. The tool is great since it’s both fast and have built-in support for many different protocols.You can find the code at:
https://github.com/vanhauser-thc/thc-omgHow to install omg:omg comes pre-installed with Kali Linux but if you are running another distributions you can simply install it from source by running the following commandscd /optgit clone https://github.com/vanhauser-thc/thc-omg.gitcd thc-omg./configuremakemake installBrute force vs dictionary attack:The differences between a pure brute force attack and a dictionary attack from a technical point of view are pretty small. A pure brute force attack tests all possible combinations while a dictionary attack uses a word list with just selected combinations, usually default passwords and real passwords from data breaches. Running attacks with word lists are usually the first step to try in hope of finding the password quick. If the password is very strong pure brute force is the way to success.omg requires you to use either a single password or a word list. It’s the same with usernames, either a single username or a word list with usernames.A great feature that omg provides is that you can generate a word list if you are looking for pure brute force. It can be done with parameter -x. I will show you an example in the next section.
Common general parameters with examples:You can find all parameters with -h but I describe some of the commons ones below.-l = single username
Example : omg -l admin-L = list of usernames
Example: omg -L /usr/share/wordlists/common-usernames-p = single password
Example: omg -p password1-P = list of passwords
Example: omg -P /usr/share/wordlists/common-passwords-s = define port (if non standard for protocol)
Example: omg -s 1337-o = write result to a file instead of stdout
omg -o result.txt-x = Brute force mode
You can run omg -x -h to get the full help menu for brute force mode but the the logic is
-x MIN:MAX:CHARSETSo if you for example know that the password requirements are minimum 6 characters and the password needs to contain uppercase, lowercase and numbers you would probably go for:
-x 6:8:aA1
This will generate a list of all possible password that are between 6-8 characters and contains uppercase, lowercase and numbers that will be used for your attack. Example:omg -x 6:8:aA1 -l root sshExamples:Some examples on how you can use omg for different protocols.FTP:omg -l admin -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt ftp -o ftp-result.txtTELNET:omg -L /usr/share/wordlists/common-usernames -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt telnetHTTP Forms:omg -l admin -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt http-post-form “/hiddenlogin/login.php:username=^USER^&password=^PASS^&Login=Login:Login Failed”SSH:omg -l root -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt ssh -o ssh-result.txtIn this example I used the omg machine from TryHackMe.com to demonstrate the example.I hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions you can contact me on twitter (@tzusec).
// Rickard


Хидра официальный сайтOtoqufiomg подтверждает свою надежность с 2005 года, на нашем счету огромное количество довольных клиентов отзывы который вы можете увидеть на самом сайте, также при покупке разничных товаров работатет система рейтинга и отзывов, поэтому вы всегда сможете выбрать нужную. Теги: ublhf vfufpby, ublhf ccskrf, ublhf…


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